Friday Fun: Conference Cartoon

Introducing the Friday cartoon. Today it’s the Conference cartoon.

I am learning to draw freehand.

As a writer, comic and strategist, I think in punchlines that create a visual. I am just not a drawer.  However, I am now doodling and sketching – skoodling – and committed to learning how to draw better!  So with help of Sketches Pro app for the iPad, I am trying new stuff!  So every week, I’ll be drawing something new for the blog. The debut drawing – a conference cartoon.


Here is my Conference cartoon.

I am a Conference Day 1 cheerleader…by Day 3 of a conference, though, it’s tough!

This is why I think conferences should be 1 day; 2 days max. 3 day conferences kill me.  On day 3, I should be able to walk around the conference in a bathrobe like Chris Elliott’s dad in “Get a Life.”

I actually think bathrobes should be required dress day 3. SXSW this year I did 6 days. By day 6, I was dressing like the missing link.

Here’s how I do it: I think in punchlines and then create a visual around it (my interview with Liza Donnelly).

 Conference Cartoon

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