On Thursday, April 23rd, I got to talk one of my fave fellow funny females: Amy Harrison, Founder of AmyTV. Amy is on a mission that I support: to banish boring content. There are no boring industries; only boring content. If Maersk and Caterpillar can make their content less boring, so can you. Don’t be boring!

Make Your content unboring

Don’t make customers cry. Make your content unboring!

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Don’t be Boring: A Few Highlights on How to Crank Your Content Marketing to 11

Here are a few key ideas from today’s podcast:

1. Connect with your customer around their common frustration. Find the humor in it and have a good laugh. Show how you are different. Want more ways to add humor to your content, visit my recent post. I also have several ebooks on this topic on Amazon.

2. Always create value with your copy.

3. Find your humor style. I agree completely – if it’s your personality coming through, that’s what works. Amy suggested that props can often trigger ideas. She keeps a collection of props (I actually have a prop closet!) and those often inspire concepts for videos, in addition to keeping an idea book.

4. Go experiment. Technology has become so affordable that going and creating an image with a fun caption or a high-definition video of something fun has never been easier. We both agree with Tim Washer who often suggests going and making a video like no one will see it. This keeps your resource and emotional investment low until you have something viable that you want to champion internally (if you are in a bigger company). Fun by committee never happens.

5. A few great examples of fun, unboring content Amy talked about include GE Lighting’s commercial with Jeff Goldblum and PooPourri’s video.

Thanks, Amy. Have fun “MasterWining.”

Enough Talk! Listen to the Podcast and Make Your Content Unboring!

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Don’t be boring with your content. How do you keep your content fun and unboring? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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