When you are planning your content strategy – whether it’s video, articles, whatever – step back and ask yourself: What makes great content, and what makes people want to share it?

Lots of people ask me how to create viral content. If I knew that, I’d bottle it. The reality is a lot of factors have to come together to make content viral. You need great content, great distribution, and something that can’t be bottled – luck. Call it the “X factor.” Yes, some of marketing is about science and process; and some of it is art.

Great content increases your chances of going viral. That and, well, luck. And luck is not a strategy. So let’s focus on the content because that’s where strategy does matter.

Adopt a User Mindset: Think, Feel, and Do!

Put yourself in the mindset of the end user and consumer. Why should they care about your content? How the heck does it help them? What is it you want users to think, feel, and do? Content should connect and inspire people to do something – to take action! What is it you want people to do as a result of experiencing your content?

People forward content for a number of reasons, the most important among them, that it makes them look good. Yep. When we forward on great content, it reflects on us. When we share great ideas and information, we are providing great content. It raises our “stock.” People see us as a source of information.

A Human Connection – What Matters Most
Whether it’s funny, important, scary, or novel content, we forward information that is different, that stands out, and that makes a human connection. Ultimately, users share human experiences.

Remember, if you wouldn’t read it, share it, or watch it, why would your user? Here are a few ways to provide value, information, fun and forge a great human connection in your content that makes people want to share.

    Fun, humor, and surprise
    How-to Info
    Info that saves lives, time, money
    Did You Know..?
    Great Resources
    Cause related info (talk about a great human connection!)
    “The Why” Behind Your Business

How do you build a human connection with your content? Let us know, and we’ll share it!