Speaker Pro Tip: Do you have your audience’s back?

Do you have your audience's back? When you focus on making your audience feel and look good, you stop worrying about how great you are. All that anxiety speakers face dissipates when we put the focus on serving our audience's needs. Speaker Pro Tip: Having Your Audience's Back Makes You a Better Speaker How do you have your audience's back?  You can watch the video here. [...]

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Creating a Risk-Taking Culture with Betabrand’s CEO

Creating a Risk-Taking Culture of Humor: A Podcast Chat with Betabrand's Chris Lindland New Ideas, Nonstop Yesterday, I got to have my second chat with one of my favorite podcast guests, Chris Lindland. The CEO of Betabrand, Chris has brought innovation, humor and a risk-taking culture to the company. And that has paid dividends. In less than two years' time, Chris transformed this "clothing meets Kickstarter" startup from [...]

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StoryDNA: Building Storytelling Organizations

Six Keys to Building Storytelling Organizations That Last Building storytelling organizations is a critical topic. Why? Because every company today is a publishing company, and a storytelling company. Stories are the amino acids of great marketing content. It's the foundation for building your content house. And building a solid content house can only happen when storytelling is in your organizational DNA. Story Atoms. Source: quotesgram.com The Role of [...]

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Idea Orgasms: Playfulness and Creativity

Idea Orgasms! Image source: gratisography.com Idea Orgasms - How Play Fuels Creativity On Friday, June 24th, I did a great blab with my friend, Gary Ware, on achieving breakthroughs with playfulness and creativity. Why? Because the collision of ideas gives us creative fuel! In this blab we talk about ways to inspire your creativity, how to mix it up, why you should have idea orgasms, idea orgies and [...]

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How to be a More Human Connector: with Bryan Kramer

I had such a great time talking to my friend, Bryan Kramer of Purematter on the show recently. Bryan is an influencer, a down-to-earth nice guy and such a powerful connector. We had fun chatting about how to be a more human connector and the powerful lessons he's learned that we can all benefit from. I so relate to much of his journey and I know you will, too. Follow [...]

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How to Inspire with Your Story – Hero’s Journey with Brian Carter

"I can do it and so can you" How to inspire with your story On April 14, I had the pleasure of chatting with my friend, Brian Carter about his journey from having social anxiety and being highly introverted to becoming a well-known speaker. Along the way, we chat about how to inspire with your story - where is the line between being the focus and being self-indulgent. I think [...]

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How to Find Your Content Voice (with Jason Miller)

Last week, April 7, I had such a great time talking to LinkedIn's own humble content rock star, Jason Miller, about his journey from music industry to b2b marketer, and how to find your content voice. Your content voice is your calling card. How to Find Your Content Voice (podcast) So how do you find your content voice and hone it? How do you tell your story by [...]

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Honing Your Storytelling Skills to Inspire & Excel

In Business... Honing Your Storytelling Skills In this audio interview I did for VoiceAmerica radio on behalf of Lianne Picot and StoryPowered, I had the opportunity to chat with storyteller and RISK! podcast creator, Kevin Allison about honing your storytelling skills to inspire others and excel in business. This was the second time I got to talk to the fun and talented creator of RISK! and MTV's The [...]

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How to be a better storyteller (video)

One of the things I really love about what I do is that I get to talk to other storytellers - both inside and outside of companies - about trends, key storytelling elements and about important topics such as, "How to be a better storyteller." Follow Kathy on Twitter. Here are two recent videos from two different blabs I did on storytelling. Full of fun and great info. My hope [...]

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Conflict in Business Storytelling (Video)

How to Deal with It... On Thursday, December 17th, I had a blast on a blab where storytellers, marketers and others discussed a really big topic in business today: Dealing with conflict business storytelling. Art of Storytelling in Business: How-to Vulnerability Too many businesses shy away from dealing with conflict because they perceive talking about challenges as risky, signs of weakness, vulnerability and they worry about potential liability. [...]

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