How to be a better storyteller (video)

One of the things I really love about what I do is that I get to talk to other storytellers - both inside and outside of companies - about trends, key storytelling elements and about important topics such as, "How to be a better storyteller." Follow Kathy on Twitter. Here are two recent videos from two different blabs I did on storytelling. Full of fun and great info. My hope [...]

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Conflict in Business Storytelling (Video)

How to Deal with It... On Thursday, December 17th, I had a blast on a blab where storytellers, marketers and others discussed a really big topic in business today: Dealing with conflict business storytelling. Art of Storytelling in Business: How-to Vulnerability Too many businesses shy away from dealing with conflict because they perceive talking about challenges as risky, signs of weakness, vulnerability and they worry about potential liability. [...]

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Future of Business Storytelling: with Karen Dietz

A few months back, I had the pleasure of chatting with one of my fave storytellers and story curators, author Karen Dietz, about the future of business storytelling. She is the author of Business Storytelling for Dummies. Future of business storytelling StoryDNA: The Future of Business Storytelling What's in store for the future of business storytelling? Lots. We discuss what's missing from business storytelling, what makes a [...]

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Improv Meets Business Storytelling: Yes And!

Does your business have a ‘Yes, And’ or a ‘No, But’ attitude? Culture, collaboration and storytelling are the focus of this episode. Recently, I had the pleasure of chatting about Business Storytelling with Lianne Picot of Story-Powered on Voice America radio. We had a blast chatting about what 'Yes, and' means for companies, for storytelling, for possibility and connecting with people! Yes, and creates a new collaborative story with your [...]

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Storytelling Strategy (video)

In this brief video, I talk about why every company needs a storytelling strategy - a topic I wrote about in detail. Your big story (your core purpose story) and all the other stories you tell about your business set you apart, help you scale and act as GPS guidance systems for the things you will and won't do. That's important. Think about your big core purpose story as your [...]

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Employee Storytelling: Video with Garrison Wynn

On Tuesday, August 4th, I had a great time chatting with best-selling author Garrison Wynn about employee storytelling, the stories employees tell and why it matters as a leading indicator and measure of organizational health. Employee Storytelling In this Google Hangout, we explore why knowing the stories employees tell matters. I start by sharing a real story from my days at a once high-flying technology company. In this story of [...]

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Business Storytelling Vulnerability (Podcast)

Last week on my Blogtalkradio podcast, I talked about a topic that I believe is critical to great business storytelling: vulnerability. Too many business stories fail to connect because they 1) are not told through the lens of a human being (hey, you can't hug a company!); and 2) they do not share any human vulnerability. Being vulnerable allows human connection. Business storytelling vulnerability doesn't mean exposing your [...]

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Storytelling for Business: Kevin Allison (StoryDNA podcast)

Brian Carter and I are working on a book on Storytelling for Business. We had the great pleasure (and fun) of interviewing Kevin Allison, founder of TheRisk! podcast, storyteller, and former member of MTV's comedy, The State about storytelling for business and how to tell stories people care about and remember Kevin Allison on Storytelling for Business How to Tell Stories People Care About Watch the hangout here [...]

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Business Storytelling: Two Great (Video) Panels

Business Storytelling and Why it Matters I have done two great panels on storytelling recently. The first on the Hero's Journey with Michael Margolis and Brian Carter. The second panel was on business storytelling with marketers including: Brian Carter, Tamsen Webster and Felicia Slattery. Both were a blast and have a lot of great info to share! What stories are you telling and how can you tell better ones? The [...]

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How Smart People Can Communicate Better

Business Communication: How Smart People Can Communicate Better I had the pleasure of discussing IntellectualSpeak with a few great people including Felicia Slattery and Tamsen Webster on Brian Carter's Podcast. Smart people often rely on 'intellectualspeak' because they know their subject matter so well. It's the classic 'curse of knowledge.' Even so, tech speak often alienates audiences. The focus of this panel is how smart people can communicate better. I've [...]

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