Building a Customer Service Culture Through Storytelling

Her name was Vanessa L. and she had bright purple hair. She was a rock star. And so was her hair. It had spikes and was so cool, although I knew I wouldn't rock hair like she did. On this day in 2012 at a TEDx event, she was wowing the crowd with a story about what it means to earn loyalty through service. And customer service can be the [...]

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Storytelling Loves Specifics: Details Bring Stories to Life

Storytelling details matter because great, memorable storytelling loves specifics. Great details bring stories to life. In this edition of the #yesandbrand Facebook Live show, I chat about how specific details are a gift to your audience. They anchor your story in memorability, and that will help your storytelling stand out. Great Storytelling Loves Specifics Watch the video below. How do you use details in your storytelling to bring your [...]

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Break the Fourth Wall for Brand Storytelling Success

Last year I wrote a piece about live streaming (I was honored that it was a top ten post on Convince and Convert for 2016 and thanks to Brian Fanzo who I interviewed in the article). The piece focused on how brands are finding success by letting users in on behind the scenes events. It’s also something I wrote about in my book: It's time to break the fourth wall [...]

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Take Your Storytelling to 11 with 11 Tips

Just One Tip from 11 Great Storytellers I am on overload. You’re on overload. We’re all feeling it. So instead of the usual list of 100+ tips (who has time?!), I asked some of my smart, fun, storytelling friends in b2b, b2c, podcasting, television, video, etc. to give their one best, practical storytelling tip. Here are 11 tips (one each) from 11 people who tell a lot of stories. If [...]

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Improv Meets Business Storytelling: Yes And!

Does your business have a ‘Yes, And’ or a ‘No, But’ attitude? Culture, collaboration and storytelling are the focus of this episode. Recently, I had the pleasure of chatting about Business Storytelling with Lianne Picot of Story-Powered on Voice America radio. We had a blast chatting about what 'Yes, and' means for companies, for storytelling, for possibility and connecting with people! Yes, and creates a new collaborative story with your [...]

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Storytelling Strategy (video)

In this brief video, I talk about why every company needs a storytelling strategy - a topic I wrote about in detail. Your big story (your core purpose story) and all the other stories you tell about your business set you apart, help you scale and act as GPS guidance systems for the things you will and won't do. That's important. Think about your big core purpose story as your [...]

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Why Every Organization Should Have a Story Strategy

My post was published in July in the Convince & Convert blog. Every organization and any business of any size (including entrepreneurs!) must tell a variety of stories. Most of what we hear lately focuses on the core purpose story, also known as the brand story. And that is a really important story because, if it is done well, it says to the world who we are and what we [...]

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Storytelling for Presentations: Video

On Wednesday, August 5th, we had a special episode of the 'Improv and Innovation Cafe'.' I had a great time chatting with my friend, fellow improviser and storyteller, Kat Koppett, about storytelling for presentations and why every time you have a chance to present, you should be telling stories. Data is important; yet data alone is not memorable. Storytelling for Presentations Kat and I discuss why data in a story [...]

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Storytelling Techniques and Big Data: Video

Keeping it Human's Improv and Innovation Cafe' Improv & Innovation Cafe: Techniques for Better Marketing In this video hangout series, I talk about applying improvisation to marketing, storytelling, communications, and content as well as product innovation. Mike Bonifer of bigSTORY: Storytelling Techniques and Big Data In episode 3, I chat with Mike Bonifer about applying improvisation to Storytelling techniques and big data. "There isn't enough pants to hold [...]

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Storytelling Techniques for Business: Differentiation by Once Upon a Time

Storytelling Techniques for Business: You are as Differentiated as Your Story Note: this article is an updated version of a previously published piece. Humans are wired for stories; we’re storytelling animals. Here’s where stories pay dividends: according to recent Stanford research, stories are remembered up to 22 times more than facts alone. So if you aren’t telling stories in your content, you should be. You are as differentiated as your [...]

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